Kirtland's Warbler
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Bryan Shirley Birding and Nature Tours

I was lucky growing up to ahve a birder/biologist for a dad who frequently dragged us kids along with him. Having said that, I really began to get interested in "birding" as a hobby about when I graduated High School. Then I spent some time living in Hawaii and Japan and was fascinated by the birds there. After living in Japan for nearly 4 years I took a job working at a Japanese company in KY where I fell in love with warblers.

While working I attended the University of KY and graduated my B.A. in Japanese/International Economics. As soon as I graduated I quit my job and started guiding and working odd jobs for the Utah fish and game and BYU Zoology dept inbetween guiding. That was about 6 years ago. Now I keep busy guiding birding tours around the worldand a few hiking tours inbetween.

On a personal note, I recently was finally able to find a girl to put up with me and somehow talked her into marrying me!