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Bryan Shirley Birding and Nature Tours

These are the scheduled birding tours, but tours are frequently added "on demand" throughout the year. If you want to go somewhere but it isn't on the schedule let me know!

Contact me for details about the trips.

February 16 -14, 2008
Costa Rica
Tour booked through Amuse Travel (Japan)

March, 2008
Bolivia: Santa Cruz to La Paz
Dates and itinerary coming soon!

April 4 -13, 2008
Colorado and Utah Grouse Tour
7 Species of Grouse and Prairie Chicken plus a lot of other birds along the way!

May 10-17, 2008
Arizona Specialties
"locals" can ride with me from Utah or meet us in Tuscon

June 10-22, 2008
Manu National Park and Machu Pichu

December 2008
Antarctic Penguins & Seabirds
Still working out the deatails

January 2009
Japan in Winter, Hokkaido, Honshu and Kyushu
Besides the thousands of wintering cranes and other fabulous birding we will make time to visit some cultural sites as well.